• What If, the evidence shows that our brother, Marcus Deon Smith died as a result of hogtieing and police abuse and/or negligence which would make this a homicide case?
  • What if, the City Council members are manipulated and misled into denouncing and demonizing those who are seeking real justice, not just pacification?
  • What if, the City Council tries to settle the case with money “only” without addressing the underlying historical policies, systems and culture of unjust policing in Greensboro?


These “what ifs” are not empty questions. There is a pattern and practice of police abuse and cover up of many, many, cases over the years. Perhaps the Marcus Smith case can break the pattern. That would mean that his death was not in vain.   Let’s pray together and stay together and build the people’s power together to honor Marcus Deon Smith’s life and to lead our city into a new era of justice, peace, and healing for all. Let’s move forward together!

Important Community Meeting

Monday, Dec. 3rd, 6:30 PM, Shiloh Baptist Church, 1210 South Eugene St.

Come. Lift Your Voice. Listen to Your Neighbors

The NC Constitution states:

“That all political power is vested in and derived from the people only…”.