All Come! It is so important that you and all your friends come out on Monday night. 

Monday, Dec. 3rd, 2018, 6:30 pm, Shiloh Baptist Church, 1210 South Eugene St.

Our Constitution grants that all power is in the hands of “the people.” 

We must use our power to compel our Police and City Council to do the right thing.

Fact: The police body camera showed that Marcus Smith died while in police custody shortly after he was hogtied.

Initial Police Response:
 Marcus Smith was suicidal. He collapsed and died. After public exposure, the police adjusted their story to acknowledge that Marcus was hogtied but still determined that no laws or policies were violated.

Greensboro Police Policy: “At no time shall the wrists and ankles of an arrestee be linked together using RIPPHOBBLE restraining devise, unless the arrestee can be seated in an upright position or on their side. If this is done, the knees of the arrestee will not be bent more than 90 degrees (unless extenuating circumstances exist) to prevent stress being placed on the arrestee’s chest muscles or diaphragm which might contribute to a positional asphyxia situation.”

Fact: Marcus Smith was taken to the ground by police and put on his stomach (chest-diaphragm) and died there. Also, the police did not inform the coroner that Marcus was hog-tied.

This flyer was developed and circulated by the Beloved Community Center (BCC). We can be reached at 336-230-0001