In a press conference held at BCC on Tuesday, October 23rd, 13 groups released their statements expressing the reason for filing an amicus brief  that “advise the court of relevant, additional information or arguments that the court might wish to consider” in Zared Jone’s case (read about the case here). The City has requested for and extension for the deadline for the filing of the amicus brief date in order to make additional preparations. Click here to read the letter sent to Mayor Vaughn and the City Council requesting their  Support Group of the City Council’s Appeal of the Zared Jones Related Gag Order.

Here are the three main points addressed in the press conference:

1. The 13 groups (see list below), whose complete statements can be read here, will be filing an amicus brief in the NC Court of  Appeals in support of the City of Greensboro’s appeal of the gag order banning them from publicly discussing the contents of police body camera recordings of the Zared Jones incident (read about  the case here). We commend Council for making this appeal.  When public officials, elected by the people, are prevented from speaking out on serious     matters of public interest, our rights as citizens are unjustly curtailed.

2. While supporting the City’s appeal, these groups call on city council to watch the entire set of police recordings and take appropriate action NOW. While the appeal  may take one to two years to be resolved, the Greensboro City Council currently has both the authority, based upon court order, and the duty, based upon their responsibility to the citizens, to watch the police recordings right NOW. Police misconduct, if found, must be investigated and all those responsible held accountable NOW.  These 13 groups will release to the public their letter previously sent to each city council member making the request for them to view the recordings and act NOWWe are asking for a specific response from City Council to that letter.

3. Graham Holt, attorney for Zared Jones, has been authorized by court order to view the entire set of police recordings and has done so. He has sent a  confidential letter, confidential only because of the gag order, to City Council  detailing specific issues of police misconduct reflected in those police  recordings. Attorney Holt was present  to comment, within the limits of the law,  on that letter and the concern that Council is exhibiting a deliberate indifference to  the rights of his clients and others by failing to watch the entire set of police recordings and act NOW.



Shiloh Baptist Church – 1210 S Eugene St, Greensboro,  at 7 pm

List of the 13 local groups:

1.) Beloved Community Center of Greensboro

2.) Community Play! All Stars Alliance

3.) The Homeless Union of Greensboro

4.) Democracy Greensboro

5.) The Professors of Reclaiming Democracy

6.) Triad City Beat

7.) The Pulpit Forum

8.) The Guilford Anti-Racism Alliance (GARA)

9.) UNCG Faculty Members

10.) League of Women Voters of the Piedmont Triad (LWVPT)

11.) Carolina Peacemaker

12.) St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

13.) NAACP